Strings Out

from by Sea Patterns



red blue pill, asian kids with sharpened minds
punk rock squeal, I'm giving up on Joyce
cut my hair, your boots look really nice
met a girl with a heartbeat just fine

thoughts emerge from a pool of amphetamines
towel them off, they looks sober when they're dry
minds run miles if they've got prescription shoes
and hearts beat wild if you play the perfect song

doctor girl, will you please take a look at me
feel my face, is it really where I thought?
teeth like swans, all clothed in cotton spit
all strings out, every tether is gone

but I've slowed down
I took a nap today
ate three meals
and answered the phone
laid outside
in the middle of the driveway
strings returned
is it better than it was?


from Play Date, released September 22, 2012




Sea Patterns Baltimore, Maryland

Started playing together in the summer of 2009 but weren't too serious until summer of 2010.

Kevin Wenger - Guitar and Vocals
Jeff Koplovitz - Guitar and Vocals
Chris Sweeney - Percussion

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